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Housekeeping tasks in Sage Payroll

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Tasks you can complete at any time to keep your Sage Payroll records in good order, especially in preparation for payroll year end.


We recommend you complete the tasks in this guide regularly throughout the tax year.


Check you're using the latest version

You should check you're using the most up to date version of Sage Payroll. Read more >

Check your company information

You should check that your company's name, employer registration number, postal address and contact details correct and up to date before you close the tax year. Read more >

Check your employee details are correct

Every employee record should have a valid Personal Public Service (PPS) number entered. If you don’t have a PPS number for an employee, you must enter their date of birth and home address. Read more >

You should also do the following if applicable:

If you have more than one record for an employee, this can cause incorrect tax, universal social charge (USC) or social insurance (PRSI) calculations. This could mean your returns to Revenue are incorrect. To resolve this, you must merge duplicate employee records.

Check your pensions are set up correctly

If you have any pension deductions on your payroll, you must check they have a pension link assigned to them. Read more >

Review the Earnings Tax & PRSI (ETP) for each of your employees

We recommend that you print the Earnings Tax & PRSI (ETP) report for each of your employees to check their values are correct.

If you need help or assistance, please contact the Sage technical support or your Sage-accredited business partner.