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EWSS - July and August sweepback

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Revenue will be releasing a template to cater for employers who were not eligible for TWSS or who had employees not eligible for TWSS to claim EWSS for July and August. This will be known as a 'sweepback' payment made initially after September 16, then intermittedly thereafter on receipt of the CSV from employers.


 NOTE: All payroll related Covid-19 subsidy schemes have now ended, with the last of them, the extended scheme EWSS-PHR, ending on the 31 May 2022.

You can follow the steps in this handy guide to Disable all employees from Covid-19 subsidy schemes.


Key Information
  • The Revenue will provide the template in the week commencing September 7, in CSV format.

    NOTE: To access the template visit Revenues website >

  • It is expected that mandatory fields will be PPS number, employment ID and possibly other fields to be confirmed.
  • The upload facility will be made available on ROS accounts from September 15.
  • Payments will begin from September 16, and intermittently thereafter on receipt of a valid CSV file.
  • Revenue will recalculate the employers PRSI at 0.5% from payroll submissions in July and August for eligible employees and the difference will be included in any payment made by Revenue.
  • Employers should ensure that valid bank details are entered in their ROS accounts to receive these payments from ROS.
  • The template must be uploaded before October 14 - the closing date of the sweepback facility.

For more information about this process, please view the guidance on pages 18 and 19 from the Revenue website here.

Download and save the EWSS template
  1. Click the following link: 
  2. Once the report downloads, save it into the data directory of your payrolls. To access the data directory, in Sage Payroll, browse to Help > System Information > click the blue link under Data Directory.

    TIP: If the report is saved into the Data Directory, the report will be automatically picked up ARW.

Run the report
  1. From the Windows desktop, open ARW 2020.

    NOTE: If there is no icon for ARW 2020 on your Desktop, please view this guide > Read More >

  2. When prompted to log in, enter the same log in details as you do to open Sage Payroll then click Ok.
    Sage Payroll Login ARW Login
    User Name User Name
    User Password Password
    Payroll Name Company
    Payroll Password Password

    NOTE: If you receive a 'Data Source Error Filling Lattice' or 'Cannot Read User File' error after logging in, please follow this guide to install the required driver.

  3. In the list of ARW reports, locate the report: EWSS Sweepback

    TIP: If the report does not show in the list, click Create Report, click Load, then click No, browse to and select the Sweep.ARW file, then click Open.

  4. To export the EWSS Sweepback file, click File Output.
  5. Save the file to your file to your PC and make note of the location of the file. We recommend naming the file as sweepback.csv.

Completing the Sweepback file

The EWSS Sweepback file must include your Employer Registration number. 

  1. Open the sweepback.csv file created in the previous section in Excel.
  2. Check the desired employees are included on the report. Add/remove employees as required, ensuring there is an entry for each employee per employment ID:

    TIP: If an employee was processed with employment ID 1 in July and employment ID 2 in August, there should be two entries for the employee on the sweepback report, one for each employment ID.

  3. In cell A2, enter your Employer Registration number for each row in the file.
  4. Click File, then click Save to save the file.

Log in to your ROS account and upload the sweepback.csv file to complete your sweepback claim.