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Delete an employee

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How to delete an employee record in Sage Payroll.


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TIP: Need to add more employees to your license to set up new records? - Leave your details and we'll be in touch.


When to delete an employee

You should only remove an employee from your payroll records, if one of the following scenarios apply:

  • The employee left in a previous tax year and you included them in the new tax year by mistake.
  • The employee has not received any payments in this tax year.
  • You created a record for an employee, but they never started working for your company.

In the above scenarios, if an RPN has been retrieved, then mark as a leaver with no pay so it's included on a PSR. You must not delete the employee until you send a payroll submission to Revenue.

  • You created duplicate records for an employee and you need to remove one of them. - If you haven't processed pay for the employee or retrieved an RPN, you can delete the employee.

Before deleting employees, we recommend that you take a back up of your payroll data. 

If you've used the Transfer Employee Wizard to transfer an employee from one payroll to another, you shouldn't delete their record in the source payroll if they hold YTD values.

TIP: If you don't want to delete an employee, you can instead make them inactive using the suspend option.

Delete employees

  1. Check the payroll status at the bottom of your Sage Payroll window is Start of Period (SOP).

    If it's not, you must complete your payroll processing for the current pay period, then set the next pay period before proceeding any further. If you've completed processing for the tax year, you can set a bonus period, complete the steps in this guide and then immediately end the period. 

  2. Click Processing then click Delete Employees.
  3. Click the employees you want to delete, then click Delete.
  4. Enter the system administrator password.
  5. Click Delete Employee(s), then click Yes then click Cancel.