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Dealing with leavers

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How to mark an employee as a leaver in Sage Payroll.


When an employee leaves your company, you must mark them as a leaver in Payroll.

To mark an employee as a leaver in Payroll, enter their last working day in their employee record. You then complete their final pay run. You no longer submit a P45 to Revenue.

If you pay your employees in arrears, you must enter the leave date after you process their payment. This ensures the pay run includes them.

For example:

A weekly paid employee leaves on 21 November, but you need to pay them on 28 November. You complete the pay run as normal on 28 November, then enter the leave date.


To mark an employee as a leaver >

 CAUTION: Usually you make your employee a leaver before running their final pay run. If you pay in arrears you need to enter the leave date after you process their payment. 
  1. From the Employees tab, select the employee.
  2. In the Employment Details section, enter the Finish Date.
  3. Select Save.
You’ve now marked the employee as a leaver. You can now process the employee’s final pay and generate the submission to Revenue.

If your employee dies, Revenue needs to know for their records. You must let the ROS technical help desk know. 

You can contact them by phone or e-mail. Read details in the Revenue Technical Helpdesk (opens in new tab). You can also use their Contact us page (opens in new tab).

If an employee is marked as a leaver in error >

If you’ve marked an employee as a leaver in error, you can reactivate their existing employee record. Once reinstated, you can begin to pay them again.

 TIP:  You can't do this if the employee has a status of Ceased employment. This means Revenue is already notified of the employee leaving. You must contact the ROS helpdesk immediately and explain the situation.

If you need to include this employee on another pay run, you must contact us to reinstate the employee’s record.

To reactivate the employee’s record, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Employees tab. Select the Include Employees who have left check box.
  2. Select the employee you want to reactivate.
  3. In the Employment Details section, remove the Finish date.
  4. Select Save.