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Customer refunds

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How to enter the refund and match it to the original payment or credit note in Sage Accounting.


You may need to record a refund paid to a customer. This could be because the customer overpaid or when they have returned some goods.


How this works

  • If you import bank transactions from a bank feed or bank statement, you can only match the refund to an existing credit note
  • If you have already received the credit note, then enter the refund and match it to the credit note
  • If the refund is to repay an overpayment saved as a payment on account, enter the refund and match to the payment on account
  • If you have received a refund for a cash sale where you don't have an invoice or credit note, use the Refund for sales option. Read more about entering money out as a cash refund
  • If you use the Cash Basis scheme, the refund shows on your next VAT return

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