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Change your business name or address

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How to change your business name or address in Sage Accounting


This article shows you how to change the business name or address:

Only the business owner can change the registered business name or address. It is not possible to transfer the ownership of your licence or subscription. 

Need to change your email address? - Follow this guide >

Are you a student? - To change your business name, follow the steps below. You don't need to send any supporting documentation, just mention you have a student account.


Change your registered business name

If you've changed your company name you need to let us know. 

 NOTE: Only the business owner can update the company name. 

  1. Select your business type to open the relevant form:
  2. Complete the form using your registered email address.
    This must be the business owner email address who originally setup the account.
  3. Make sure you have copies of any documents that the form may have asked you to send.
  4. You will receive an email version of the form. 
  5. Attach any required documents to the email. Forward it to [email protected].
     CAUTION: You must forward the email to us. Completing the form does not submit it to us.  

The team aim to respond within 3 working days. If there are any problems, they will contact you via the same email address. 

Change your registered business address

  1.  Go to your business name in the upper right-hand corner. Select Manage Business Account
  2. In the Business Details tab, enter your new address. 
     NOTE: Only do this if you have a trading name you want to show on your sales invoices.  
  3. You can also update your website and contact information from this screen.
  4. Select Save

Change your billing address

Your billing address is what Sage uses for your invoices from us for your subscription.

Do this when your billing address is different from your registered business address. 

You need to contact us to have this updated.

Find options for how to contact us on this webpage >

Add a Trading as name for your Sales Invoices

You may use a trading as name separate from your registered business name. Enter this by following these steps. This will update the business name that shows on the Sales Invoices you send to your customers. 

  1. Go to your business name in the upper right-hand corner. Select Manage Business Account.
  2. Select Business details.
  3. Enter your Trading as name in the Business Name box. 
  4. Select Save.

Change the business name or address for a client

If you're using Partner Edition or Sage For Accountants, email the following information to us at [email protected]

  • The client’s current business name and email address
  • The client’s new business name or address
  • Your business name
  • Your Client Management email address