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Quick start guide to creating a sales invoice

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How to create a sales invoice in Sage Accounting.


A quick guide to the basics of creating a sales invoice.


Create a sales invoice

  1. Go to Sales, Sales Invoices, and select New Invoice.
  2. Select a customer from the list or type the customer's name. If this customer isn't one of your saved contacts, create a record for them by selecting Add a customer. You only need their name and address to create a contact. You can add the rest later.
  3. On the first invoice line, select a product or service from the list, or start typing its name to find it.
  4. If you don't use products and service records, enter a Description.
  5. If this product or service isn't in your saved items, create a record for it now by selecting Create item.
  6. Repeat on a new line for as many items as you need to add to your invoice.
  7. You have the option to add Notes and Terms and Conditions to your invoice. These are then printed on the invoice you send to your customer.
      TIP: Use the Notes to add your business's bank details. That way, your customer has them to hand when they are ready to pay you.
  8. You can attach a file such as a sales brochure, image or supporting documentation. Select Attachment then Upload files and browse to the file.
  9. Select Save.

Save the invoice

You can also save the invoice in the following ways:

  • Save as Draft - this saves the invoice but doesn't update your customer or ledger accounts. Great if you're not finished yet and want to amend it later. You must save before you can send it to a customer
  • Save and Email - saves the invoice and sends it to your customer
  • Save and Print - saves the invoice and creates a PDF version

Read how to add extra details when you create a sales invoice.


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