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Change from manual to automatic payroll journals

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How to automatically create journals in Accounting Start each time you complete a pay run.


If you subscribe to both Accounting Start and Payroll, you can automatically create journals in Accounting Accounting Start with details of wages, each time you complete a pay run.

If you have previously migrated your data from Sage 50 or another provider, you can now integrate Payroll and Accounting.

Here we'll tell you:

  • How to set up the integration with Payroll
  • How your salary details, wage payment, and pension payment are recorded


How the integration with Payroll works

Once set up, a journal is created every time you complete a pay run in Payroll.

The journal is always recorded using the default ledger accounts set up in Accounting.

If you want to record the journal using your own ledger accounts, then you may need to continue creating the journal manually. You may need to do this if you want to run more detailed reporting or if you want to use a different set of ledger accounts.

Switching from manual to automatic journals

Before you set up the integration make sure you have completed manual journals for your previous pay periods.

Once the integration is set up, a journal is automatically created each time you complete a pay run. Make sure you don't complete a manual journal for the same pay period.

Before we can record the automatic journal, we need to set up the default ledger accounts used to create the journal. Once you allow the integration with Payroll and complete a pay run, we will create the required ledger accounts for you.

If any of your ledger accounts already use the same code, we'll create a ledger account with the next available code number. For example, if you already have a ledger account that uses 2214, we'll create a ledger account for Student Loans using 2215.

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