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National Minimum Wage check

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How to check the National Minimum Wage in Sage Payroll.


There is a minimum amount you should pay most of your employees. This is National Minimum Wage.

You can use Sage Payroll to check you are not paying below this amount.

This article explains what National Minimum Wage is and how Sage Payroll can check it for you.


What is National Minimum Wage?

The National Minimum Wage is the lowest amount you should pay most of your employees.

It's an hourly amount and depends on their age.

 NOTE: The National Minimum Wage is only mandatory for your employees 20 and over. 

The current rates (from 1 January 2023) for the National Minimum Wage are as follows:

Employee ageHourly rate
20 and over€11.30
Under 18 years€7.91

If you need more help understanding how National Minimum Wage affects your business, we recommend you read the article on the website.

National Minimum Wage check

Sage Payroll now performs a National Minimum Wage check in your pay run. The check shows if your eligible hourly payments meet the government legislation for National Minimum Wage.

When you process your pay run, Sage Payroll warns you if any of your employee's hourly payments do not meet National Minimum Wage.

 NOTE: The check only applies to hourly payments, not deductions. 

You can check your hourly pay rates are correct and change them if necessary.

If you need help with your pay run, read our article Processing your payroll.

Employee Minimum Wage Rates

You may want to know which Minimum Wage band your employees are in, and what their rate per hour should be.

The Employee Minimum Wage Rates report gives you that information.

Run the report from the Reporting drop-down menu. Select Employee Minimum Wage Rates.

 NOTE: If there is no value in the rate per hour column, you have entered an incorrect date of birth. For example, the employee start date, which means the employee is too young to qualify.