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The Absences report

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How to run the Absences report in Sage Payroll.


The Absences report shows you any employee time off that you've recorded as an absence. The report can be run for any of your employees and can show data for any time period since you started using Sage Business Cloud Payroll.

Absences for the current and previous tax years, appear as part of your pay run. Therefore, this report is particularly useful if you want to see absences before the previous tax year or for employees that are no longer part of your active pay runs. Or if you want to save a record of absences by themselves.

Run the report

To create an Absences report:

  1. From the Reporting tab, select Employee Absences.
  2. In the Absence Type drop-down, select the type of absence you want to search for.
  3. Select a Date From and Date To, then Generate.

You can sort the list of absences by selecting any of the column headers.

Save the data

Once you've generate the report, if you want to keep the data:

  • Select Export, then either CSV or PDF

Missing information

If you can't find an absence on the report:

  • Check the dates you have used to filter your results. You can re-run the report for a larger date range if required
  • Check the type of absence you've searched for. If you're unsure, you can use the Absence Type Show all
  • Check whether the absence is on a different page of the report. By default only the first 25 results are displayed. Use the Next and Previous options to go through the results
  • Check the historical pay run to make sure the time off was recorded using an Absence Type

Editing historical absences

If you need to edit an absence for a pay run that is dated before the previous tax year, we recommend you edit the affected pay run.

 NOTE: Editing absences may result in corrections to pay values as well as calculated PAYE and NIC values for the impacted pay runs. 

To do this:

  1. Select the pay run the absence relates to, then Edit Pay Run.
  2. Navigate to the Absences step, then edit the absence.