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Guide to payslips in Sage Payroll


In Payroll you can print, export, or email your employee payslips. If you print your payslips you don’t need any special stationery, as you can print them on ordinary A4 paper.


In Payroll, you can print, export, email or publish your employee payslips. Printing doesn't need special stationery. You can print payslips onto ordinary A4 paper.

You can choose from three different payslip templates.

Please see our article Choosing a payslip template.

You can then do the following:

You can check your employee payslips during a pay run. These payslips are draft copies. Always issue genuine payslips to your employees.

  1. Process the pay run until the Confirm stage.
  2. Select Draft payslip next to the required employee.
  3. A new PDF browser window opens.
  4. Using your browser options, download or print the payslips.

Microsoft Edge Browser options:



Google Chrome Browser options:


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