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Restart your Sage service

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How to reset and restore your Sage service.


The Reset Data option removes all information entered into Accounting and Payroll.
This allows you to clear any practice data entered during a free trial period. It allows you to start again but keeps your user, business and billing information.


When to use the reset data option

You may need to use this in the following circumstances:

  • You've entered dummy or practice information during a trial period. You now want to enter real company information

    You've started using Payroll in the middle of a tax year and didn't choose the mid year set up option. You created a blank payroll company instead of choosing mid-year setup
  • You have made errors when entering your payroll or Accounting information. You want to start again

 NOTE: If you have both Accounting and Payroll, you're unable to reset the data. 

Before you start

  • Print any reports or make a note of any information you need. For example: customer and supplier details, and details of your transactions
  • Disconnect any bank feeds. You'll need to re-connect after you reset your data. If


    ou've set up bank rules we recommend that export them first. Then import again after resetting your data

Reset your data

  1. From Settings, choose Business Settings.
  2. From the Data Management section, select Reset my Data.
  3. Enter the email address you use to sign into your Sage service, then select Delete Data.