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Create a VAT Return

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How to create a VAT return in Sage Accounting.


This explains how to create your VAT return, check the return is correct, and mark it as submitted to Revenue.

Once you mark the VAT Return as submitted, you cannot make any changes. If you need to make adjustments, you must do this on the next VAT Return.


Create your VAT return

 NOTE: Before you start, make sure you delete or mark as submitted, any draft VAT returns.

  1. Go to Reporting, then select VAT Returns.
  2. Select Create VAT Return.
  3. Check the From and To dates are correct. Edit if required.
  4. Select Calculate.
  5. Choose whether to include transactions from an earlier period that weren't included in a previous VAT return. To check these transactions, select View Previous Transactions
    Choose whether to include them on your VAT Return:
    Now - Include them on this return
    Later - Ask me again when I run my next return
    Never - Exclude them from all future returns. Choose this if you've already submitted the transactions to Revenue
  6. Select one of the following options:
    • Submit to Revenue by other means – If your values are correct and you’re ready to submit your return to Revenue, select this option. For more information about how to submit your return, please visit
    • Save this return and submit it laterIf you don’t want to complete the VAT Return yet select this option. For example, you may want to check your values are correct. You can then return to the saved return later to complete it

You’ve successfully created your VAT Return. You can view the status of the return from the VAT Return list.

Once you’re ready to do so, you can record VAT payments or refunds from Revenue as appropriate.


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