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VAT numbers

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Information on VAT numbers in Sage Accounting.



If you deal with VAT registered customers and suppliers in the EU, you must enter a valid VAT number. You can check the VAT number against the table below. If your contact has provided you with a number in a format which is not shown here, you should contact HMRC for further advice about the correct number to use.

 CAUTION: You can’t enter a VAT number for a contact outside the EU. 

Country Format Number of characters Notes
Austria (AT) U12345678 9 The first character is always a U.
Belgium (BE) 0123456789 10 If you have a 9 digit number, prefix it with a 0.
Bulgaria (BG) 1234567890 9 or 10  
Croatia (HR) 12345678901 11  
Cyprus (CY) 12345678X 9 The last character must be a letter.
Czech Republic (CZ) 12345678
8, 9 or 10 If a contact provides you with 11, 12 or 13 numbers, delete the first three numbers as these are a tax code.
Denmark (DK) 12345678 8  
Estonia (EE) 123456789 9  
Finland (FI) 12345678 8  
France (FR) 12345678901
11 May include an alpha character as the first, second or first and second characters. All alpha characters are valid other than I and O.
Germany (DE) 123456789 9  
Greece (GR) 012345678 9  
Hungary (HU) 12345678 8  
Ireland (IE) 1234567X
8 Includes one or two alpha characters as either the last or second and last character or last two characters.
Italy (IT) 12345678901 11  
Latvia (LV) 12345678901 11  
Lithuania (LT) 123456789
9 or 12  
Luxembourg (LU) 12345678 8  
Malta (MT) 12345678 8  
Netherlands (NL) 123456789B01 12 The tenth character is always a B and the 3 digit suffix is always in the range B01-B99.
Poland (PL) 1234567890 10  
Portugal(PT) 123456789 9
Romania (RO) 1234567890 2 – 10 Minimum of two maximum of 10
Slovak Republic (SK) 1234567890 10  
Slovenia (SI) 12345678 8  
Spain (ES) X12345678
9 The first or last, or first and last characters can be alpha characters.
Sweden (SE) 123456789001 12  
UK (GB) 123456789 9