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Run the Balance Sheet

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How to create a balance sheet report and what it tells you about your business in Sage Accounting.


If you’re not sure what the profit and loss report is for, see About the Balance Sheet.

Create a balance sheet

  1. Go to Reporting then click Balance Sheet Report.
  2. Enter the date you want to run the report up to. There’s no start date as the Balance Sheet shows the worth of your business from when you started trading, up to the date you enter.
  3. To view how the values are calculated for a particular ledger account, click the relevant line.

     TIP: Depending which ledger account you want to view the details of, this links to either the Nominal Activity report or the Profit and Loss report for the same period. If required you can then drill down on these reports further to view the individual transactions that make up the values. To return to the Balance Sheet report, click Back on your browser’s menu bar. 

  4. Click Calculate.
  5. To save or print the report, from the Export menu, and then select CSV or PDF.

The report is ready when a notification displays on the main navigation bar, to the left of Profile. Select the notification bell to open the report.Image

Please note, if the PDF document does’t open in a new window this is usually due to pop-ups being blocked on your Internet browser settings. To change these settings view the Pop-ups blocked when printing article.