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Audit Trail report

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How to run and use the Audit Trail report in Sage Accounting.


The Audit Trail report is a complete record of all transactions entered. As well as details, such as the transaction date, type, category and value, you can also see at a glance when the transactions were entered and who entered them. This is particularly useful if you need to trace a transaction or if you’re asked to produce this as part of an audit.

You can choose to view a summary of the audit trail or a detailed breakdown. The summary shows a high-level view of each transaction, the detailed breakdown shows each line that makes up a transaction, known as the double-entry.

For example, if you enter sales invoice, the summary shows the income details and the net, VAT and total values. The detailed breakdown, however, shows the double-entry values on the ledger accounts, such as your income ledger account, VAT on sales and trade debtors, as debits or credits.


Search the report

Enter a transaction number in the Search field on the report to quickly track down the history of an entry. This comes in handy when you need to find transactions that are on your VAT returns.