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Edit recurring sales invoices

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How to edit a recurring sales invoice in Sage Accounting.


Go to Sales, select Sales invoices, then select the Recurring Invoices tab.

Select the invoice to edit.

Edit your recurring invoice to:

  • Change the invoice details
  • Change the frequency
  • Change the email address

Changes made to a recurring invoice are only applied to any subsequent invoices.


Change the invoice details

Edit the recurring invoice when you want to add or remove products or services, change product details such as prices or descriptions, change invoice details such as delivery address, due days, or terms and conditions.


  • You can change the customer as long as no invoices have been generated

    If you need to change the customer after an invoice has been created, cancel the recurring invoice and set it up again

  • If you know the details of a product or service have changed, but you don't you know the new details such as the new price, delete the product or service line and select the product or service again to use the updated details

Change the frequency

Update the schedule if you need to change the day an invoice is created. Note when the next invoice is due as you may create two invoices for the same period.

  • Changes to the frequency only apply to future dates

    For example, if you change the frequency from every Thursday to every Wednesday, and today is Thursday, the next invoice is created on the following Wednesday

  • If you change the frequency so the next invoice is due today, then an invoice is created immediately

    For example, if you change the frequency from every Tuesday to every Wednesday and today is Wednesday, then an invoice is created immediately

The starting date can't be changed once invoices have been created.

Cancel or delete a recurring invoice

You can cancel a recurring invoice before it's completed, for example, when a customer cancels their order.

  • Pause the recurring invoice, in case you need to set it up again
  • Change the Ending, so no more invoices are created. The recurring invoice shows as Completed on the Recurring Invoices list so you can copy it to a new one if required
  • Delete the recurring invoice. This prevents any more invoices from being created and removes it from the Recurring Invoices list

Change the email message

To change the email message text or the Copy to address,

  1. Open the recurring invoice.
  2. Select Edit message and make the required changes.

Change the email address

If you're sending invoices automatically and want to send the invoice to a different email address, then amend the contact record.

Invoices are always sent to the main email address on the contact.

To change this email address

  1. From Contacts, select Customers.
  2. Select the contact from the list.
  3. From the Contacts and Addresses tab, edit the Main Contact details and update the email address.

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