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Import customer or supplier opening balances

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How to import customers and suppliers opening balances in Sage Accounting.


Opening balances are totals of the outstanding invoices and credit notes you have before you start using Accounting. To save time, you can import an opening balances file.

To import an opening balances file, you must:

  • Already have entered customers or suppliers
  • Set an accounts start date and VAT scheme
  • Ensure that the file contains only customer or supplier opening balances. To import both, you need two separate files.
  • Save the file in comma-separated value (CSV) format
  • Ensure that the file uses the same column headings and formatting as in the customers or suppliers opening balances template file

If you have bank or ledger account opening balances, you can enter them manually. For more information, see Enter bank account opening balances or Entering ledger account opening balances.