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Growing your business with Sage

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Your upgrade options with Sage Accounting.


Add more features as your business grows. Upgrade to Accounting Plus to track stock items and use multi-currency. 


Add users for new hires

Part of your business’ growth may include the hiring of additional employees. For example, you may hire salesclerks and a bookkeeper or accountant. With Accounting Standard or Accounting Plus, add as many users as you’d like.

Different users may require different access rights. You may not want a salesclerk to access your banking details. However, this would be necessary for your bookkeeper. Select from several predefined roles to make assigning user access rights quick and easy. Create custom roles from scratch or use a predefined role as a template.

Understand premium features

Premium features are available when you upgrade your subscription. These features are fully integrated—no need to buy add-on modules or install anything.

Say goodbye to bulky spreadsheets

Let Accounting Standard and Accounting Plus help streamline your business processes.

  • Purchases
    Keep track of your supplier purchases in the same place as where you enter your customer sales. This gives you a more holistic view of your business activity
    The purchase invoices and credit notes are automatically reflected in your bank accounts and posted to your nominal accounts
    Our reports allow you to gain insights into the financial health of your business
  • Products and Services
    Manage the products and services your business buys and sells. Use records for your products and services and add them for fast invoice entry and automatic posting
    Keep your prices up to date
    Be consistent with your product descriptions
  • Stock items
    Upgrade to Accounting Plus to keep track of stock items
    Keep track of what you buy and sell (in and out) quantities, costs, and other details such as storage location
    Automatically adjust quantities as you buy and sell stock items
    Be alerted when quantities get low so you never have to worry about running out of stock again
    Get deeper reporting to help you monitor quantities and values

Doing business in other countries

Create invoices and other transactions in the currency of your customer’s home country with Foreign currency transactions.

Understand your subscription options

With three subscription options available, there's no need to pay for functionality you don’t need. Here’s a feature comparison of the subscriptions:

Feature Accounting Start Accounting Standard Accounting Plus
Sales invoicing

Take card and online payments

Track what you’re owed

Connect your bank

Reports and insight

Take care of VAT

Cash flow statement

Mobile app

Correct transactions (find & recode)


Cash flow forecasts  

Quotes and estimates  

Purchase invoices  

Sell products and services  

Analysis types  

Pro-forma invoices  


Remittance advice  

Credit notes  

Delivery notes  

Stock items    
Multi-currency invoicing and banking    

Upgrade your subscription

When you're ready to move on, simply upgrade your subscription. View our Manage Subscriptions page for how to upgrade.

No matter which subscription you have, you can also visit the Sage Marketplace. Here you'll find a variety of apps that will expand the functionality of your subscription.

 NOTE: Once you've upgraded your subscription, you cannot downgrade it. For example, if you upgrade from Accounting Start to Accounting Plus, you will not be able to go back to using Accounting Start. 

Where to find new features

After upgrading, some features are available immediately. Others you must turn on. Here's where to find them:

  • Purchases, Products and Services. You'll have new selections on the main navigation bar


  • Stock items. Go to Products and Services, select New Item and then Stock. Later, you can go to Reporting, Stock Movements to access the report
  • Multi-currency invoicing and banking. Go to Settings, then Business Settings. Select Currencies in the Financial Settings section. Then select Enable foreign currency transactions to turn on the feature

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