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Send your first invoice

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How to send your first invoice in Sage Accounting.


Sales invoices track customer purchases, their owed amounts, and payment due dates.

In Sage Accounting, you can email or print created invoices for customer distribution.


Create your sales invoice

  1. From Sales, select Sales invoices.
  2. Select New Invoice. Enter customer details, the date the invoice was created and is due for payment.
  3. Make sure you add an invoice address if the customer contact record doesn't have one.
  4. Add the details for what you're selling.
  • If you've set up product or service records, choose the name of the item from the Product/Service box, then complete the details for quantity and unit price etc.
  • If you just want to add the details to the invoice as you go, enter a description and fill in the details for the quantity, unit price, etc.

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