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Purchase invoices

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How to create your business Purchase Invoices in Sage Accounting.


Keep track of how much you owe your suppliers with purchase invoices, which are a record of these transactions.

 TIP: You can use Purchase Automation to easily create purchase invoices from uploaded documents or image files. Read more about Purchase Automation.


Create your purchase invoice >

  1. Go to Purchases and select New Invoice. Enter the supplier details, the date the invoice was created and it's due for payment.
  2. To record the purchase of a specific product or service, in the Product/Service box, type the name of the item then choose the required item - The information for the chosen product or service appears on the next available invoice line. If necessary, you can change this information.
  3. If the item has multiple prices or rates, click the Unit Price column, and choose the rate you want to use. If you need to create a new record, click Create item then enter details.
  4. If you haven't set up products and services, just enter a Description, followed by the remaining details.
  5. Add more items on new lines if necessary.
  6. Select Save.
You’ve successfully created your purchase invoice.

 NOTE: When entering a purchase invoice, you may need to create supplier details. This will allow you to input VAT rate details on the purchase invoice. 


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