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Create a customer contact

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How to create a customer contact in Sage Accounting


This saves time when creating transactions and allows you to send invoices to your customers.

Use customer contact records to:

  • Save details about the people or businesses that you regularly do business with
  • Send physical copies of invoices by email or post
  • Keep track of who owes you money


What you need to know

Customer records can be created with as little information as a Name.

Choose to keep our defaults or enter your own information. You can do this now or come back and edit the record at any time.

When you start entering transactions such as sales invoices, we use the information set on the customer record to determine the following

  • Ledger Account The default ledger account is 4900 Other Income
  • Due date - credit terms are set to 30 days by default
  • VAT rate - this is determined by the customer's location and whether they are VAT registered
  • Price - set the type of price used for common products and services such as Sales Trade or Wholesale. The default is the Sales price
  • Currency - set this if you invoice customers in their own currency. The default in your home or base currency

In addition, you can set other information such as:

  • Main Address - If you're sending invoices to your customers, you must enter an address
  • Delivery address - set this when the delivery address is different from the invoice address
  • Bank details - Store your customer's bank account details
  • Analysis group -  Group your customers together for reporting purposes
  • Notes - use this for any other information you’d like to store about this customer

See the following sections for more information about each section.

Import your customer details

Import from CSV file

Consider importing customer records if you already have the details somewhere else. Just export them to a CSV file (type of Excel spreadsheet) and import all the details in one go.

You can import additional new contacts at any time.

Read more about importing customers

Import from mobile phone

If your customer details are in your mobile phone contacts, consider importing them using our mobile app.

  1. Download the mobile app:

  2. Open the mobile app and from the menu choose Contacts. Select the plus button, then choose Import from phone.

  3. Choose Customers.

  4. From the list of contacts in your phone, choose the ones to import.

  5. Once you've imported your contacts, edit them in the mobile or web app to enter additional details.

Create a customer

For one-off customers, or if you don't want to import them, create new customer records from Contacts.

  1. From Contacts, choose Customers, then New Customer.
  2. Enter the business name for the customer. This is the name you'll see on all lists when selecting this customer.
  3. Enter the remaining details.
    If you don't know all the details yet, just enter the business name and save. All other details can be entered later.

You always need an address before you can save an invoice for a customer.

Use the following sections to choose which defaults to change and choose additional information to store about the customer.

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