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Customer summary details

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How to keep track of your customer's sales from the customer contact record.


Each record has a summary of the customer's balance and a list of all transactions on the Activity tab.

Select a contact from the Contacts page to open their record and work with these tabs. Read our Manage contacts list article, for more information.


Summary details

The top of the page is a summary of the key information about customer's account. This shows you details about the total sales and the main contact details. It also shows whether the customer is Active or Inactive.


Track invoices, credit notes, and payments

Use the Activity tab to find details of sales invoices, credit notes and payments for each customer.

Just double-click on a row to open the transaction. Depending on its status, you can edit, print, or delete it. If it's an invoice you can pay it from here.

Change the dates at the top of the list to find older transactions. This defaults to the last calendar month.

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