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Edit reconciled transactions

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Steps to take to edit a transaction included on a bank reconciliation in Sage Accounting.


On your bank activity, they have a tick in the reconciled column.
You cannot change the customer or supplier. You'll need to delete the payment or receipt, then enter a new receipt or payment with the correct customer/supplier.
You cannot edit:

How this works

  • Edited transactions remain reconciled when changing Reference, Method, Ledger Account, and Date within the reconciled period
  • For example, if the reconciliation ends on July 31, any date up to July 31 maintains reconciliation

The transaction is no longer reconciled if Bank, Amount, or Date's amended with a later reconciliation end date.

  • We unreconcile and update the transaction so it is ready for you to check and reconcile again
  • On your next reconciliation:
    • We adjust the starting balance by the amount of the edited transaction
    • We show the edited transaction with a Corrected label in the Corrected Transaction column

Audit trail and reports

When you edit a transaction, we reverse the original transaction and create a new one with a new transaction number. Apart from the audit trail, only the new transaction shows on your reports.


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