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Disconnect a bank feed

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How to disconnect a bank feed in Sage Accounting.


This article guides you through the steps to disconnect your bank feed.

Follow this link if you are looking to disconnect discontinued bank feeds >

 CAUTION: We advise processing all outstanding transactions and exporting your bank rules before disconnecting. When disconnecting the bank feed, this will take away your transactions and bank rules that you've saved.


Disconnect a bank feed

 CAUTION: If you've not processed your incoming transactions you may lose them. Either export these transactions or process these before disonnecting.

  1. Go to Banking and then find the relevant bank account.
  2. Select Actions in the lower right-hand corner and then Disconnect bank.


Reconnecting a bank feed

Later, you might want to reconnect or connect to a different online bank. Select Actions in the lower right-hand corner of the relevant account and then Connect bank. Read more on how to reconnect a bank feed >

 NOTE: Direct bank feeds for CashPlus, Bank of Scotland, NatWest or Lloyds (Lloyds sort codes that don’t start with 77) need to be reauthorised.