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What is AutoEntry?

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An explanation of what AutoEntry is, and why it's beneficial to your business when using Sage Accounting.


AutoEntry is a cloud-based application that puts an end to data entry, so you never have to spend time manually entering invoices or receipts again.

Create transactions directly in Sage Accounting from scanned and photographed paper documents.

Import bank statements directly into Sage Accounting.

How it works

Connect AutoEntry to Sage Accounting

Integrate AutoEntry with your Sage Accounting to automatically create transactions from scanned and photographed documents.

Scan and capture information from your documents

Upload scanned and photographed documents such as bank and credit card statements, sales invoices, bills and purchase invoices, expenses, receipts and much more.

Process your uploaded documents

AutoEntry captures relevant data from these documents such as total value, line amounts and descriptions etc.

All you have to do is assign the correct customer or supplier contact, choose the Category (ledger account) and make sure the correct VAT rate is assigned to each line.

Automatically create transactions in Sage Accounting

Publish the processed documents and transactions created into Sage Accounting.

Export bank statements directly to Sage Accounting.

If your bank statement is only available in PDF format, use AutoEntry to export it directly to Sage Accounting.

Secure platform

AutoEntry employs the best security policies including encryption across the platform, keeping your client's data, and your own, secure at all times.

Also included

  • Expense reports with approvals
  • Reimbursable expenses
  • Auto publishing
  • Mark as paid
  • Tax Detail Extraction (if required)
  • Free training webinars and support

Help with AutoEntry

Get help and advice from the AutoEntry Help Centre