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Correct transactions included on a VAT return

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How to edit or delete a transaction included on a VAT return in Accounting Start.


If you've made a mistake and need to change something after you have submitted the VAT return, you must reverse the transaction and re-enter it with the updated details.
For Draft VAT returns, when you haven't yet submitted the VAT return, delete the draft VAT return and then amend or delete the transaction.

How this works

Once you include a transaction on a VAT return, you cannot delete or edit it.

Having an incorrect transaction can mean that:

  • Your bank account balance is not correct
  • The balance of your customer supplier account is not correct
  • Your VAT return is not correct and you may overpay or underpay VAT

To make the necessary adjustments, you must:

  1. Create a reverse or opposite transaction. This effectively cancels out the value of the incorrect transaction.
  2. Re-enter the transaction with the correct details, if required.

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