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Gender Pay Gap reporting

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This guide explains what Gender Pay Gap reporting is and how it affects your business and processing in Sage Payroll.


What is Gender Pay Gap reporting?

On 13 July 2021, the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 was signed into law.

The act is due to come in towards the end of 2022 and will require employers to report on the pay differences between female and male employees, including any bonuses. Whilst the act has been signed into law, it does not mean reporting is required immediately. The act allows the making regulations through which reporting requirements will be specified. The reporting process will begin in 2022.

Will my business be affected?

All employers with 250 or more employees will be required to report on this from 2022. By 2025, it is expected that employers with 150 or more employees will be expected to report, with this reducing to 50 employees or more after that.

What information will be reported?

The new law allows for the regulation of the following:

  • How to calculate the number of employees,
  • How to calculate the pay of employees,
  • The mean and median hourly pay of male and female employees,
  • The mean and median bonus pay of male and female employees,
  • The mean and median pay of part-time male and female employees,
  • The mean and median pay of employees on temporary contract,
  • The form, manner and frequency with which information is to be published.

Prepare for Gender Pay Gap reporting

  • Check that Employment Type is specified in the Personnel tab of Employee Details. If not, this field will be blank on the GPG CSV output.
  • Check that Std. Hrs is specified in the Payments tab of Employee Details if the employee isn't set up for CSO reporting. 
  • You can then run the gender identification reports in Sage Payroll to check that your employees are set up with the correct gender.

Create Gender Pay Gap reporting files

You can use our handy How do I create Gender Pay Gap reporting files? to do this.