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Enable OSS/IOSS reporting

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This guide explains how to enable One Stop Shop (OSS) and Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) reporting in Sage 50 Accounts.


With Sage 50 Accounts v27.2 and above, you can enable OSS/IOSS reporting to help you deal with sales to consumers in EU countries under the One Stop Shop and Import One Stop Shop schemes.


Install the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts

OSS/IOSS reporting is available in Sage 50 Accounts v27.2 and above.

NOTE: If you're using an earlier version, please install the latest version now > 

Enable OSS/IOSS reporting

TIP: To check if OSS/IOSS reporting is already enabled click Help then click About. Read more >

When you enable the OSS/IOSS reporting option, as well as activating the feature, you're also prompted to select the nominal codes to record and report on VAT collected on these sales.

  1. Click Tools then click Activation and click Enable OSS/IOSS reporting.
  2. Click Next and select the nominal codes to use for the VAT liability control accounts for each scheme.
    SchemeNominal codeDescription
    Union OSS2205Union OSS Tax Control Account
    Non-union OSS2206Non-union OSS Tax Control Account
    IOSS2207IOSS Tax Control Account
    By default nominal codes 2205 - 2207 are used, if these codes are already in use, three other codes within Current Liabilities are used.

    TIP: If required, you can amend these control accounts before posting transactions to them. To do this, in the main Sage 50 Accounts desktop, click Settings then click Control Accounts.

  3. Click Next then click Finish.

Great news! You've now enabled OSS/IOSS reporting. To confirm, click Help then click About and check under Features Enabled for OSS/IOSS reporting.

Next steps

Now you've enabled OSS/IOSS reporting, you need to create some new tax codes to use for the countries of the customers you trade with. Read more >

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