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Access company data remotely using Remote Data Access

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This guide explains how to connect your Sage 50cloud Accounts to company data that has been shared with you using Remote Data Access.




When you've been added and granted access to a company through Remote Data Access, you receive an email with details of how to connect from your computer.  Don't worry if you don't have the email, it's still easy to connect to the data. Let's walk through it.


Before you start

To make the process run smoothly, there are a few things you need to check before you can connect to your company data.

Connect to company data remotely


  1. Open Sage 50cloud Accounts, and if a Company Selection window appears, click Add Company.
  2. In the Add a company window, click Download.
  3. Click Continue and if prompted with the steps on how to connect click OK.
  4. If prompted, enter your Serial number, Activation key and Account number and click Next then click OK and click OK.
  5. Enter your Sage account Email and Password and click Log in then continue to step 6.  TIP: If you don't have a Sage Account already - Click Create account then enter your EmailNamePassword and Confirm Password, then click Sign UpCheck your emails and enter the Code you have received, then click Verify email. 
  6. Select the company you want to connect to.

    You can see the Company name, version of the data, and who the data owner is.

     TIP: In Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.1 and above, if you're unsure if a company is the correct one, to view the unique company ID move your pointer over the information icon. The data owner can compare this with their company ID within their software in Help > About > Remote Data Access Information. 

  7. Click Next.

    NOTE: Do you get a message saying 'You have already connected to the selected company on Sage Drive / Remote Data Access'?  - Read more >

  8. Enter the Password / passphrase used when the data was uploaded and click Continue.

    NOTE: Please contact the data owner for the passphrase. To view this in their software they can click Settings then click Remote Data Access Settings and click Show Password/Passphrase.

  9. Click Download.
  10. The first time you connect, a copy of the data downloads. This can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the data.

Congratulations! Once downloaded you now have remote access to your company using Remote Data Access.

Whenever you open your software, the company is now listed in the Company Selection window, labelled as Online - Remote in the Remote Data Access column and your Sage account email address in the Sage account column.

To log in, simply select the company, click Open Company, then enter your logon name and password.

NOTE: If you are unsure what your logon name and password is, check with whoever is the MANAGER user.

Need to disconnect the remote site from Remote Data Access?

If at any point you need to disconnect the remote site from Remote Data Access for whatever reason, this is easy to do - Read more > 

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