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Icon for Advanced Report Writer (ARW) doesn't appear on the desktop

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This guide will help if you cannot find the ARW icon on your desktop to open the program.


When you install Sage Payroll, Advanced Report Writer (ARW) is installed at the same time. 

As part of the installation, a shortcut icon for ARW is also placed on your desktop. 

If you delete this shortcut, you may be unsure how to then open ARW again. 


Great news, it's easy to add a new shortcut icon for ARW to your desktop anytime. This can be done for the current tax year, as well as any earlier versions of Sage Payroll you have installed if needed.

  1. Open Sage Payroll and log into a payroll as normal.
  2. On the menu bar, click Help then click System Information.
  3. Click the Program Directory link.
  4. In this folder, find Repgen.exe
    NOTE: This is the ARW program. 
  5. To add a shortcut to your Desktop, right-click Repgen.exe, click Send to, then click Desktop (create shortcut).

A shortcut called RepGen.exe - Shortcut will then be added to your Desktop. 

To open ARW, please double-click on this icon.

This icon can be renamed to something more descriptive if required, especially if you want to have icons for more than one version of ARW on your desktop.

To do so, right-click the icon on your Desktop, and click Rename.

TIP: You can repeat these steps for any year of Sage Payroll you have installed.