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Purchase One4all vouchers for employees

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This article shows you how you can quickly purchase One4all gifts cards via Sage Payroll.


Under the Government’s Small Benefits tax exemption policy, employers can reward their staff up to €500 once per year completely free of tax, PRSI (employee and employer) and USC.  The benefit must not be in cash. As the vouchers are free of tax, PRSI and USC, there's no need to process these through your payroll.


You can use the Gift Cards option in Sage Payroll to quickly purchase One4all gift cards for your employees.

The employee names and gift card amounts are sent directly to the One4all shopping basket, meaning you don't need to manually enter your employee names and amounts.

  1. Click Gift Cards, then click One4all.
  2. In the gift card window, ensure all Employer Contact Information is complete and correct.
  3. In the Gift Card Value (€) field, enter a value between 15 and 500 for each employee you wish to receive a gift card.
  4. Click Purchase on One4all website. The One4all login page appears.
  5. Log into One4all.  

    TIP: If you don't have an account, click Create an Account and follow the on screen steps. If you have any queries, contact One4all for further information.

  6. Once logged in, confirm the contents of your basket and that the correct amounts have been entered.
  7. Complete your purchase.

To view a log of gift card amounts sent to One4all from Sage Payroll, click View log in the gift card window.