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Disconnect from Sage Drive in Sage 50 Accounts v26

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If you need disconnect a remote site from Sage Drive or need to completely remove your company from Sage Drive, this article how to do this in Sage 50cloud Accounts v26.



 NOTE: If you're using Sage 50cloud Accounts v27, please refer to our alternative guide. If you are using Sage 50cloud Accounts v25 and below, to remove Sage Drive you must run the Sage Drive Removal Tool.

In Sage 50 Accounts v26, the Remove from Sage Drive option makes it easy to:

Disconnect a remote computer from a company on Sage Drive  - Remote Site

When would I need to do this?

  • When you no longer want to access the company data remotely
  • To re-sync the Sage Drive connection by disconnecting then reconnecting
  • To reconnect to the correct dataset
  • To reconnect to a company on Sage Drive that had to be removed at a main site and re-set up.

Remove a company from Sage Drive - Main site

When would I need to do this?

  • When you no longer want to use Sage Drive for that company and don't want users to access the company data remotely
  • Want to set up a different computer to be the main site on Sage Drive
  • Have forgotten your encryption password/passphrase and need to reset it
  • A last resort if you are experiencing issues with Sage Drive and need to set it up again

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