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The Payroll Submission Log

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How to check your submissions to Revenue in Sage Payroll.


This log shows summaries of successful, pending and failed submissions, which you can filter by period date.

You can also export a detailed report of each submission contained in the log for more information about what was submitted. This can be very useful if the Revenue query a submission you've made. Let's take a look.


  1. From the menu bar, click Direct Payroll Reporting, then click Payroll Submission and click View Payroll Submission Log.
  2. The View Payroll Submission Log window appears, displaying the following information about the submissions you've made:
    TIP: You can sort the information by clicking on any of the column headings. 

    Date of SubmissionThe date and time of the submission.
    Pay PeriodThe relevant period the submission relates to.
    Submission IDThis is Revenue's unique identifier for the submission.
    Pay Run ReferenceThis is Sage Payroll's unique identifier for the submission.
    StatusThe current status of the submission. E.g., if the submission was successfully sent to Revenue, its status shows as Completed.
  3. In the From and To boxes, enter the relevant period date range.
  4. By default, all payroll submissions created in this tax year appear.
  5. To view further details of a submission, click Export Details.
  6. To print the report, click the Printer  button.
  7. To save a PDF copy of the report, click the Save  button.
  8. To close the View Payroll Submission Log, click Close.