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Retrieve Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPNs)

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This guide explains how to retrieve RPNs in Sage Payroll.


Before you process pay each period, you must check you have the most up to date Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPNs) for your employees.

You must request RPNs for all employees for the first payment in your tax year. If no RPNs are available, then you must operate the emergency basis of income tax and USC.


Retrieve RPNs

  1. Click Direct Payroll Reporting, then click RPN, then click Retrieve RPNs.
     TIP: If your Revenue Online Service (ROS) login details already appear on-screen, skip to step 7.
  2. Under ROS Digital Certificate, click Browse, then browse to the location where your ROS certificate is located.
  3. Select the .p12.p12.bac or .bac file, then click Open.
    • If you cannot see your digital certificate, change the file filter to All Files:
    • If you have recently downloaded a new digital certificate, select the one with the most recent Date Modified date.
    • If you still have issues with the certificate, you should download your certificate again.
  4. Enter your ROS digital certificate password.
  5. Select the Save password to Sage Payroll check box.
    • If the password isn't accepted, it means the password entered is incorrect or the certificate has expired, and you need to download your certificate again.
  6. Check the ROS login credentials are correct.
  7. Click Next and in Review Details check the information is correct.
  8. To view a breakdown of an employee's RPN, click the info  button.
  9. Click Import.
  10. To print the imported RPN information, click Export Details then to:
    • Print the report, click the Printer  button.
    • Save a PDF copy of the report, click the Save  button.


    To close the report, click X at the top right-hand side of the window.

  11. Click Finish.

Once you retrieve RPNs, you can continue to enter time and pay as normal.

No new RPNs to import

If there are no new RPNs to import, it's because you're up to date with the latest information issued by Revenue. In this case the following message appears:

  • 'You have successfully contacted ROS. Your RPNs are currently up to date and no changes are required. To continue processing your payroll, click Close.'

Problems retrieving RPNs

If you experience issues when retrieving your RPNs, you can use our handy help guide to resolve them.