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To check or change an employee's PRSI Code

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Before you start processing an employee's pay details, you should check they are on the right PRSI code. If you're unsure of what code to use, please contact the Department of Social Protection for clarification.


  1. On the menu bar, click Processing then click Employee Details.
  2. Next to the Surname box, click browse and click the relevant employee.
  3. Click the Tax / PRSI /USC tab.
  4. In the PRSI Code list, check the correct code is selected. If it's not, change it now:

    If the Department of Social Protection have advised you to put the employee on subclass: In Sage Payroll (Micropay), select the following PRSI code:
    AO, AX, AL or A1 A1
    A4, A6, or A7 A4
    A8 or A9 A9
    B0, BX or B1 B1
    C0, CX or C1 C1
    D0, DX or D1 D1
    H0, HX or H1 H1
    J0, J1 or J9 J1
    K1 K1
    M M
    S0 or S1 S1
  5. Click Save then click Cancel.